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America Explained

Reconstruction: Old Nation or New?

Reconstruction was one of the most tumultuous periods in US history. After four years of Civil War, not everyone agreed on the best way forward. The result was 12 years of violence and political strife.

Civil War Tactics: Clever or Foolish?

The Romans fought in phalanx formation. In medieval times, they preferred the wedge. So what made Civil War armies fight in long, straight lines that left them wide open to attack?

Breaking Down the Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights is the first ten amendments to the US Constitution. It guarantees all Americans basic freedoms – but those freedoms have always been under attack.

Museum of Artifacts That Made America

History of the Surfboard

This totally rad piece of water sports equipment empowered millions of Americans to ride the waves – but but who invented the surfboard and how did the surfboard evolve through the years?

The Invention of Rubber Gloves

This is a love story behind one of the most important medical inventions ever made – the rubber glove – by William Stewart Halstead

The Tobacco Press: Revolutionising Farmers’ Gold

Today we know the risks of smoking tobacco, but over 100 years ago the dangers were less so, and tobacco became a booming business in Kentucky. Its success can in part be credited to the Burley tobacco press.

Hidden Figures

Rachel Carson’s Fight for the Environment

At a time when few people were aware of the damage being done to our environment, marine biologist and writer Rachel Carson demanded that the US government take responsibility to protect people – and the planet.

Patsy Mink: Changing the Rules

The first Asian American woman ever to be elected to Congress, Patsy Mink dedicated her life to participating in the democratic process and improving the lives of others.

Women and the American Story

Art That Changed America

Indigenous North American Tattoos

To Indigenous North Americans, tattoos aren’t just decorative, they’re also sacred, rich in artistry and meaning, and of huge social, cultural and religious significance.

How Art Saved Yellowstone National Park

The first dedicated National Park anywhere in the world, Yellowstone attracts millions of visitors every year. It was saved for posterity by the work of two pioneering artists.

9/11: Art From Ashes

9/11: Art From Ashes

September 11, 2001 is a day etched into the memories of millions. Art around the world is being used to explore and understand.

Things You Didn’t Know

Academy of American Democracy

Voting in Ancient Athens

The United States is a representative democracy where people vote for politicians to govern on their behalf – but voting in the direct democracy of ancient Athens was a very different process.

Race in Ancient Greece

We often think of ancient Greek society as White, but it was a lot more diverse than we give it credit for.

Speeches That Changed America

Shirley Chisholm – Equal Rights for Women Speech

Shirley Chisholm, the first African American Woman elected to Congress, addresses the US House of Representatives to argue in support of a controversial women’s rights bill; the Equal Rights Amendment.

Ronald Reagan – Tear Down This Wall

On June 12, 1987, President Ronald Reagan delivers a speech to the people of West Berlin, calling upon the Soviet Union to tear down the wall that divides the city.