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America Explained

The Mysterious Death of Edgar Allen Poe

Famous American author Edgar Allan Poe’s haunting death may have been a result of cooping, a violent form of voter fraud practiced in the 19th century.

Animals aren’t just cute – during times of war, they’ve proven to be immensely useful. Some have even been awarded with prestigious medals for helping to save lives.

Museum of Artifacts That Made America

Civil War Medical Kits

They empowered US Army medics to save countless lives – but how did the humble medical kit evolve with the American Civil War?

The Invention of the Camera

The invention of the camera changed how many Americans saw the Civil War – and exposed millions to the horrors of conflict for the very first time.

Hidden Figures

Women and the American Story

Art That Changed America

Indigenous North American Tattoos

To Indigenous North Americans, tattoos aren’t just decorative, they’re also sacred, rich in artistry and meaning, and of huge social, cultural and religious significance.

How Art Saved Yellowstone National Park

The first dedicated National Park anywhere in the world, Yellowstone attracts millions of visitors every year. It was saved for posterity by the work of two pioneering artists.

Wild Wild West

Birth of the Lone Star State

Today, Texas is famous around the world as being the most American state of them all – but it once belonged to Mexico. For almost a decade, it was an independent republic.

Blazing a Trail for Women’s Votes

We often think of the American West as a lawless, uncivilized place. But in the 19th century, it was ahead of its time – as the only part of America where women could vote.

Wanted: The Infamous Reno Gang

Over a two-year period in the 1860s, infamous train robbers the Reno Gang stole the equivalent of $9 million dollars, until an act of vigilantism stopped them in their tracks.

Power to the People

The Birmingham Childrens’ Crusade

In 1963, school children from Birmingham, Alabama skipped class to demonstrate for racial equality. Met with police violence, they helped to bring about significant change.

The Civil War Battle for Bread

When the women of Richmond, Virginia couldn’t afford to buy bread during the American Civil War, they incited the largest civil disturbance the Confederacy had ever seen.

Slavery in the Presidents’ Neighborhood

Things You Didn’t Know

Academy of American Democracy

Voting in Ancient Athens

The United States is a representative democracy where people vote for politicians to govern on their behalf – but voting in the direct democracy of ancient Athens was a very different process.

Race in Ancient Greece

We often think of ancient Greek society as White, but it was a lot more diverse than we give it credit for.

Speeches That Changed America

Shirley Chisholm – Equal Rights for Women Speech

Shirley Chisholm, the first African American Woman elected to Congress, addresses the US House of Representatives to argue in support of a controversial women’s rights bill; the Equal Rights Amendment.