America Explained

Exploring America’s history and how it impacts today’s society – from the Founding Mothers to what marijuana tells us about States’ rights

Manhattan Project Human Experiments

When scientists at the top secret ‘Manhattan project’ wanted to discover how radioactive bomb materials could affect the human body – they secretly injected terminally ill patients with uranium to find out.

The Havasupai Project

When the Havasupai tribe became the subject of a medical trial in the 1990s, their DNA was covertly used for scientific testing that participants had not consented to.

The Great Depression

The Great Depression was one of the worst economic disasters America has ever experienced. But it’s also a period that produced some of the great innovations in US history.

Cult of Domesticity: Defining Womanhood

The Cult of Domesticity was a school of thought that middle and upper class women should be confined to the home and aspire to be model wives and mothers.

Y2K: Countdown to Catastrophe

Learn about the Y2K Bug Crisis that led millions to believe at the dawn of the millennium that computers around the world would crash, causing the end of civilization.