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Museum of Artifacts That Made America

From the first video games to the cotton gin; how do the inventions of the past impact the world around us today?

The AIDS Memorial Quilt

This is the story of a community art project that changed the world’s perception of HIV and AIDs.

The Raised Fist Afro Comb

In 1972, Anthony Romani used the raised fist symbol to create a product that came to symbolise African-American history, culture and pride.

History of the Polygraph Machine

In 1921, John Augustus Larson, a medical student and police officer invented a machine to help determine if someone was lying.

Moscow-Washington Hotline

In 1962, when a quick and accurate means of communication was needed between two of the world’s greatest superpowers, the Moscow-Washington hotline was created.

Spanish Influenza Face Masks

During the Spanish Influenza, the San Francisco Mayor singed The Mask Ordinance – the first order requiring the wearing of face masks in public in the United States.

The Betsy Ross Flag

In 1777, The Betsy Ross Flag was adopted by the thirteen colonies fighting for freedom as the United States’ first official flag. But not everyone in America was free.

The Negro League Baseball

This is the story of how African American baseball players overcame racial segregation to claim the national pastime of Baseball as their own.

Abraham Lincoln’s Top Hat

His top hat added eight inches onto his frame but this is the story of how without his iconic Top Hat, Lincoln may never have become president!