Museum of Artifacts That Made America

From the first video games to the cotton gin; how do the inventions of the past impact the world around us today?

The Negro League Baseball

This is the story of how African American baseball players overcame racial segregation to claim the national pastime of Baseball as their own.

Abraham Lincoln’s Top Hat

His top hat added eight inches onto his frame but this is the story of how without his iconic Top Hat, Lincoln may never have become president!

The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty has been welcoming immigrants and visitors to New York Harbour since 1875

The Skidi Star Chart

This is the story of the Skidi Star Chart, one of the finest horoscopes ever created, all thanks to the Pawnee Tribe of Native America.

The Ruby Laser

Lasers aren’t just for sci-fi fans. This is the story of the first laser ever made

Tennis for Two

The story of Tennis for Two: America’s very first video game.

The Chapstick Spying Device

This is the story of a spy device disguised as chapstick tubes that played a key part in America’s most infamous burglary, *hint* it involves Nixon.

Invention of the Cotton Gin

The story of the infamous, cotton gin – an 18th century invention used by African-American slaves that changed the United States for the better and the worse.