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Museum of Artifacts That Made America

From the first video games to the cotton gin; how do the inventions of the past impact the world around us today?

Lunch Counter Stools

In 1960, four Black students staged a sit-in in Greensboro, North Carolina to protest against racial segregation in the United States. The stools they sat on are the most visited artifacts at the International Civil Rights Center and Museum.

Civil War Medical Kits

They empowered US Army medics to save countless lives – but how did the humble medical kit evolve with the American Civil War?

The Invention of the Camera

The invention of the camera changed how many Americans saw the Civil War – and exposed millions to the horrors of conflict for the very first time.

How the Telegraph Changed America

Military leaders didn’t just rely on carrier pigeons and messengers on horseback to share information during the American Civil War – they texted each other using telegrams!

History of the Surfboard

This totally rad piece of water sports equipment empowered millions of Americans to ride the waves – but but who invented the surfboard and how did the surfboard evolve through the years?

The Invention of Rubber Gloves

This is a love story behind one of the most important medical inventions ever made – the rubber glove – by William Stewart Halstead

The Tobacco Press: Revolutionising Farmers’ Gold

Today we know the risks of smoking tobacco, but over 100 years ago the dangers were less so, and tobacco became a booming business in Kentucky. Its success can in part be credited to the Burley tobacco press.