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Art That Changed America

How has art – from photography to graffiti – changed the way America and American’s view themselves and the world?

Indigenous North American Tattoos

To Indigenous North Americans, tattoos aren’t just decorative, they’re also sacred, rich in artistry and meaning, and of huge social, cultural and religious significance.

How Art Saved Yellowstone National Park

The first dedicated National Park anywhere in the world, Yellowstone attracts millions of visitors every year. It was saved for posterity by the work of two pioneering artists.

9/11: Art From Ashes

9/11: Art From Ashes

September 11, 2001 is a day etched into the memories of millions. Art around the world is being used to explore and understand.

The Federal Art Project: Visualizing Recovery

Thanks to Franklin D. Roosevelt’s ambitious New Deal plan, American artists were able to keep working during the Great Depression. The work they produced remains a key part of the American landscape.

The Golden Age of Sci-Fi

The Golden Age of Sci-Fi Literature saw American authors combine factual science with fantastical fiction to take readers into the farthest reaches of the imagination.

The Ball Culture of New York City

As far back as the 1860s, LGBTQ+ people created safe spaces where they could celebrate their identities freely. Odd Fellow Balls became the birthplace of drag ball culture.