The American Vote

Presidential Election of 1948: The Underdog

The suspenseful 1948 presidential election exposed the consequences of flawed polls, as Truman’s astonishing victory upended expectations and forever changed how pollsters make predictions.

Election of 1912: Third Party

In 1912, Theodore Roosevelt’s bold creation of a new political party, the Bull Moose Party, challenged rivals Taft and Wilson, forever altering the political landscape of the United States.

Election of 1876: Testing the Constitution

The Presidential Election of 1876 was considered a foregone conclusion, with Democrat Samuel J. Tilden sure to defeat Republican Rutherford B. Hayes, but disputed Southern electoral votes led to an outcome that nobody predicted.

Election of 1860: A Nation, Torn

The Presidential Election of 1860 proved the most divisive in U.S. history, with the election of Abraham Lincoln triggering the secession of Southern states. But how did it play out at the polls?

Election of 1824: When the House Chose

In the Presidential Election of 1824, five men from one party were up for the job. It was left to the House of Representatives to figure out a winner – and the aftermath led to the modern two-party system.

The Election of 1800: Presidential Tie

The 1800 Presidential Election, which ended in a tie between Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr, presented Congress with a dilemma – how to stop a tie from happening again.