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Government Explained

What is a Congressional Whip?

A Congressional Whip works with the party’s leadership in Congress to make sure everyone follows the agenda and votes together. They’re the muscle – the enforcer in a smart suit.

What is the Oath of Office?

Promises might just seem like words, but in the legal system and government, they’re crucial. Oath of Office is part of a tradition that dates back hundreds of years.

What is the Secret Service?

They’re the shadowy agents who keep the President safe – but what is the Secret Service and why was it formed?

What is the State of the Union Address?

The annual State of the Union Address is the only speech that the President delivers in person to the public and all three branches of government at the same time.

Three Branches of the US Government

The federal government of the United States of America is split into three separate and distinct branches. But what do the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary do and why are they necessary?

What is the Secretary of State?

The Secretary of State is one of the most powerful politicians in America – but where does their power come from and what are their roles and responsibilities?