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Things You Didn’t Know

Did you know that cats were CIA operatives during the Cold War, (yes I did say cats)? Or that blood was literally spilled over the equal rights amendment? Through this series we take a look at the unexpected stories, facts and people that shine a light on bigger concepts and ideas in American History.

Cult of Domesticity: Defining Womanhood

The Cult of Domesticity was a school of thought that middle and upper class women should be confined to the home and aspire to be model wives and mothers.

Slavery and the Civil War

Think you know all about the Civil War? Think again! This is the untold story of why the North took up arms against the South.

How America Prepared for Nuclear War

Think America was prepared for the ultimate Cold War threat? Think again! This is the untold story of how the US prepped citizens for a potential atom-bomb Armageddon.

The Equal Rights Amendment

Think the US Constitution protects equal rights for women? Think again! This is the untold story of the Equal Rights Amendment.