Academy of American Democracy

Created in partnership with the New York Historical Society as part of their Academy of American Democracy project, this series looks at the links between the roots of democracy in ancient Athens and modern day democracy in the USA

The Atlantic World

How did the Atlantic World connect the Old World and New World and impact the development of early America?

The Geography of Ancient Athens

Welcome to Athens, the birthplace of democracy, and one of the most successful city-states in all of Ancient Greece: thanks, in part, to its unique geography.

Art as Activism

Some of the most prominent activism comes from artists – who create work that inspires people to think critically about the society they live in

Slavery in Democracies

How can democratic societies claim to support equality while holding humans in bondage?

The Age of Revolution

In the late 1700s, three major revolutions rocked the Atlantic World. But what were the ideas that characterized the Age of Revolutions, and how did they change the course of history?